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FAQ: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you sell new or used pallets? -We sell used pallets, also known as recycled and repaired pallets.
2. Do you sell pallets in other sizes? -We specialize in size 48" x 40". Contact us for other sizes or fill out custom pallet form.
3. Do you buy pallets? -Sometimes, we buy pallets size 48"x40". Call to verify if we buy.
4. Can I come and pick up my order? -Yes, by appointment Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM. We also provide delivery on all orders and allow freight nationwide.
5. I do not have a Paypal account, can I still pay for my order? - Yes. All you need is a valid Visa or Master credit card. Click on the link "Pay with a debit or credit card" on the bottom or call us to make a credit card payment over the phone.
6. Why is my total amount increased at the end of checkout? - Texas sales tax of 8.25% is added. If tax exempt, select tax exempt option in drop-down menu.
7. I need to purchase 200 pallets. What day should I specify for delivery? -For 200 pallets, you should allow 5 business days after you submit your payment on our website. For example, if you ordered on Monday, your delivery date will be Tuesday of the following week.
Refer to Processing Times:
20-80 pallets -- 3 business days processing period after the payment.
100-200 pallets -- 5 business days processing period after the payment.
201-300 pallets -- 7 business days processing period after the payment.
more than 300 pallets -- contact us by phone or email.
*same-day or next-day pallets delivery/pick up -- contact us by phone or email (expedition fees will apply).
100-200 pieces of lumber-- 1 week processing period after the payment.
201-1000 pieces of lumber-- 2 weeks processing period after the payment.
more than 1000 pieces of lumber-- contact us by phone or email.
8. What are your hours of operation? - We are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM.
9. How do I calculate how many boards to order for my project? - It will vary and depend on how you lay out the boards onto the surface. To calculate mathematically, convert Inches to Square Feet, click here. Note that our mixed 32" and 36" long boards are not uniform in width, you should average the width of 2 inches to do your calculaiton (some slats may be as narrow as 1 inch and others as wide as 6 inches). For example, 9ft by 10 ft wall is 90 square feet. Using calculator link, our 32" board is 0.44 sq ft, hence 90/0.44 equals approx. 205 boards.
10. Do you deliver to other states and cities in Texas? - We only deliver in Dallas-Fort Worth-Denton-Waco Metroplex, but many of our out of state customers use Fedex Freight LTL or Freight Quote 800-323-5441 opt. 2 to see rates and schedules. When choosing your dates for freight service, please remember to allow us at least 7 days after the time of payment for preparing your order. Click here to view more shipping options.

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